We started as a Bible study group in a small town in Virginia, but we are growing to be so much more.


Our Mission

To bring women together in times of need and times of joy. To offer a helping hand and learn not to fear reaching out. To learn about ourselves as we learn about others.

The Women’s Connection has been a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know some fabulous ladies from all walks of life. They offer amazing life experience and advice and I would never have found their fellowship without this group.
— Jessica T.

Where We Started

Wright’s Chapel Methodist Church in Ladysmith, VA has been the home of our core group for Bible study and fellowship since 2016. We have organized retreats, book studies, potlucks, fundraisers, and a women’s empowerment seminar which brought together professional women to networking and encouragement. It is our goal to have members in every state in the country and bring women together everywhere.